STREAM: Caustic Window (aka Aphex Twin) - Caustic Window LP

STREAM: Caustic Window (aka Aphex Twin) – Caustic Window LP

Richard D. James is one of the most prolific artists in the world of electronic music. He put out his first release, Analogue Bubblebath Vol. I, as AFX. He went on to release dozens of albums, EPs and singles under the AFX moniker, Power-Pill, Polygon Window and most famously as Aphex Twin. Although there were a handful of EPs James released as Caustic Window, it wasn’t until recently that the long lost Caustic Window LP came to light. In an interview in 1999 with the now defunct, the artist confirmed the existence of the album, described the tracks in detail and revealed that only 4 people were known to have copies of the album: Chris Jeffs (aka Cylob), Grant Wilson-Claridge (co-founder of Rephlex Records), Mike Paradinas (aka µ-Ziq) and Richard D. James. Earlier this year a test pressing of the LP popped up on for a good chunk of change.‘s users banded together on Kickstarter and with James’ blessing purchased the album with the stipulation that those who contributed got a high-quality download of the album. Now, a stream of the album is available. If you really enjoy it, the eBay auction (with a good deal of the money raised going to charity) is still ongoing and is only up to $46,100.00 at the time of me writing this.