TRACK: Whirr - "Heavy"

TRACK: Whirr – “Heavy”

I’ve been following Whirr for quite a while. Since back when they were Whirl. Distressor is everything I want from a shoegaze album and so when Pipe Dreams came out I was more disappointed than I probably had any right to be….

MIX: Static + Distance July 2014 Mix

MIX: Static + Distance July 2014 Mix

Our second monthly mix! The site has been up a little over a month and has grown tremendously. I’m ecstatic with the direction things have gone and look forward to some more new stuff in the works along with more…

STREAM: Spoon - They Want My Soul

STREAM: Spoon – They Want My Soul

I hesitate to say too much about new albums. It usually takes me a while to really make a solid judgement and I tend to jump the gun on saying an album is “best of the year” only to change…

TRACK: Girl Tears - "Candy Darling"

TRACK: Girl Tears – “Candy Darling”

Sinderlyn is a label specializing in… well, nothing really yet. The label just formed and has two artists under their belt of which they’re reissuing an album a piece. One of those bands is Walter TV, who are better known…

TRACK: Spoon - "Inside Out"

TRACK: Spoon – “Inside Out”

Spoon is a band that I’ve had my ups and downs with. Some of their work I absolutely love. 2001’s Girls Can Tell, for example, is exactly what I look for in an indie rock album. Catchy hooks, evenly paced…

VIDEO: Father John Misty - Live on KEXP

VIDEO: Father John Misty – Live on KEXP

Sometimes I wonder what deeply traumatic event must have taken place in a person’s childhood that would cause them to grow up and take a perfectly sincere recording and smother it in reverb. These songs as performed in the following…

TRACK: Low - "I'm On Fire" (Bruce Springsteen Cover)

TRACK: Low – “I’m On Fire” (Bruce Springsteen Cover)

I have the good fortune of seeing Slowdive play here in Portland this November and saw that Low were opening. I’ve never been a huge fan of them, but I can see the appeal. I do enjoy their album Drums…

TRACK: Alexander 'Skip' Spence - "Cripple Creek"

TRACK: Alexander ‘Skip’ Spence – “Cripple Creek”

A latticework of acoustic guitars shuffle subtly behind Skip Spence’s haunting baritone.  His enunciation through the first few lines is a marvel; its fairly literal, the way his voice carries off through “glide”, turns round itself through “spinning” and then…

MIX: Audio Bonsai's Feature Playlist on The Antlers

MIX: Audio Bonsai’s Feature Playlist on The Antlers

Moksha over at Audio Bonsai is at least partially responsible for my obsession with creating and sharing mixes here on Static + Distance. Essentially, these feature playlists are the creator’s personalized selections from the featured artists catalogue along with bands…