MIX: Pontchartrain's Summer Soul Mix

MIX: Pontchartrain’s Summer Soul Mix

The guy responsible for getting this site off the ground in the first place knows a lot about house, disco, soul and pretty much any genre you can party to. He’s in love with Detroit and as such knows quite a few of the DJs there. He sent me this mix the other day and despite my encouragement I couldn’t get him to do a write-up on it. So, this is me doing it on his behalf. Dustin Alexander aka Ponchatrain is one of the resident DJs at Sexual Tension Detroit, a regular event hosted at Temple Bar. There’s a lot of funk and a lot of disco in here which might turn some people off, but give it a shot. Disco in particular a genre that doesn’t often gets it’s due, but has it’s fingerprints all over modern house and indie electronic music. Besides, it’s all danceable and it’ll go over great at your BBQ today. Check it out: