TRACK: Christian Löffler - "Veiled Grey"

TRACK: Christian Löffler – “Veiled Grey”

I thought I had heard everything 2014 had to offer thus far until a friend of mine told me to listen to Christian Löffler’s latest album. The artist released Young Alaska earlier this year on his label Ki Records and it is something to behold. Calling his work minimalist would be a disservice to his work, but it’s undeniably understated. “Veiled Grey” is one of my favorite tracks so far. Until the beat comes in you’re not quite sure which direction things are going, but once it does you know this it’s somewhere pleasant. The vocals lend a nice touch as well. Löffler seems to have a certain aesthetic I’ve only found in the work of Manual, Tycho and Teen Daze thus far and I imagine Young Alaska will be getting many more spins from me this year.