TRACK: Lewis - "Like To See You Again"

TRACK: Lewis – “Like To See You Again”

Lewis’ L’amour is an album with a history behind it. Recorded in 1983, by a man who went by “Lewis,” the record was paid for with a check that bounced. That man disappeared just as fast as he came. L’amour (and Lewis, by extension) never reached fame and may have remained forgotten were it not for a collector stumbling upon it in a flea market. Light In The Attic (a fantastic label, by the way) reissued the album this year and it’s received quite the reception… although still no sign of Lewis. They were able to track down his nephew, but until he actually reveals himself they’ll be stowing the money away for him (he should probably pay back the dude who recorded it for a bounced check with some of that cash). Anyhow, that’s the story of the album, now onto “Like To See You Again.” The album is great as a whole, but this song in particular really grabs me. Lewis’ voice is barely audible at points, but not to a fault; he still manages to have a strong presence. The synths drifting and weaving through the piano’s melody has a mesmerizing effect. It’s the perfect song for a Sunday morning. Or a late night… or a mid-week afternoon. Whenever really. Enjoy.