FEATURE: Numero Group's Capitol City Soul

FEATURE: Numero Group’s Capitol City Soul

I haven’t really written about Numero Group or their releases before. That’s partially because they’re new to me and partially because everything they release is pretty old. The label’s goal (by their admission) is to collect and preserve music that is rare and at danger of being lost to time. They have a few series, but the one I’m familiar with is Eccentric Soul. They generally focus on a time period/location or a label that’s since gone under or hasn’t received it’s due. A few weeks back I picked up the latest in that series, Capitol City Soul, which focuses on Ohio’s Capitol City record label. The album is some of the finest northern soul I’ve heard and it’s a mystery to me as to why this label didn’t get bigger. None of the songs are particularly “out there” compared to what Motown or Stax were releasing (okay, the crying in Kool Blues’ “Since I Fell For You” is a little weird), so there’s no weird factor that should have kept them from succeeding and pretty much everything on here is catchy, has great hooks and well-written melodies. Perhaps the other labels had more of a stranglehold on the industry at the time? I’m admittedly not incredibly familiar with the actual history of soul music (I think that’d take more than a few dozen albums and compilations in your collection), so I’ll stop speculating, but feel free to chime in down below if you’ve can shed some light on it. Anyhow, here’s some of my favorite tracks from Numero Group’s Capitol City Soul compilation.

Soul Partners – “Lose The One You Love”

Dean Francis & The Soul Rockers – “Funky Disposition”

The Chandlers – “I Loved You, Girl”

Four Mints – Endlessly

Kool Blues – “Since I Fell For You”

I fretted over how to categorize this post. It’s not really A track as I’m sharing a few different tracks and it’s not an album review or stream. I thought “feature” fit best. That gave me an idea — I am going to start featuring the albums on the sidebar under “Listening” and showcase some of my favorite songs along with some information about the album and a place to purchase or download it. The “Listening” section is pretty self-explanatory. It’s essentially whichever albums I’m listening to the most at the time, mostly new, but occasionally something old that I just stumbled across or an old gem that I’ve had back in regular rotation. Anyhow, let me know if you guys dig this feature; I’m always open to suggestions (and praise). ALSO! There’s a new feature (which is yet untitled) where Elissa and I listen to a track together and BS about it. Sort of a “speed review” if you will. Keep an eye out for it. It’ll be entertaining.