TRACK: Songs: Ohia - "Blue Chicago Moon" (Demo)

TRACK: Songs: Ohia – “Blue Chicago Moon” (Demo)

Jason Molina aka Songs: Ohia aka Magnolia Electric Co. aka Pyramid Electric Co. aka… I could go on was a prolific musician. The name Static + Distance comes from a line in one of my favorite songs, “Farewell Transmission,” so I’ll make no illusions about my impartiality. I love this man’s music. We heard the demo for “Ring The Bell” back in August and now we have another demo from those same sessions. “Blue Chicago Moon” may be my favorite track from Didn’t It Rain, although I think it’s one of those songs that’s hard to separate from the album as a whole. This version is somehow even starker. You left us too soon, Molina.

The deluxe edition of Didn’t It Rain is out 11/11 via Secretly Canadian.