TRACK: The Dismemberment Plan - "Wouldn't You Like To Know" (Inner Ear Studios, 1994)

TRACK: The Dismemberment Plan – “Wouldn’t You Like To Know” (Inner Ear Studios, 1994)

The Dismemberment Plan are a hell of a band. They carved out a sound of their own in the DC scene and released a few solid records before going on hiatus. They “reunited” and release Uncanny Valley last year which stands with their finest albums (Emergency & I and Change if you ask me, but possibly ! or Are Terrified if you talk to someone else). The band shared an early version of “Wouldn’t You Like To Know” off their first album, ! and bassist Eric Axelson had this to say about it on the band’s Facebook page:

Eric here – I just watched Episode 2 of Sonic Highways and good lord was it good to breathe in some go-go, Bad Brains, and Inner Ear Studio! For those that don’t know, we made 3.5 of our records at Inner Ear (“!”, Terrified, Change, and we mixed E&I there as well), and I don’t know how many times we walked up and down that hallway, slept on those sofas, listened through those speakers wondering if the hi-hats were too loud…now they’re maybe too quiet. And just like the Foo Fighters’ experience, going to Inner Ear always felt a little like going to a holy place, where history happened. I should add that Don Zientara was an early champion of our band, too. Anyone’s who’s listened to “!” knows that we were on a mad caffeinated carnival ride in the early days, and we found over the years we’d meet local bands who all said Don told them to check us out well before anyone was coming to our shows. So if you have access to HBO, check out Sonic Highways, you can see where we made a lot of our music. (here’s a track from our first visit to Inner Ear in 1994. Dig those roto-toms)