VIDEO: Father John Misty - "Chateau Lobby #4 (in C for Two Virgins)"

VIDEO: Father John Misty – “Chateau Lobby #4 (in C for Two Virgins)”

Fair warning, I’m going to be noticeably absent from the site this week. I’m taking finals and my mom will be in town meaning I’m going to be showing her the sights of my fair city. That said, I’ve gone ahead and queued some of my favorite tracks to post throughout the week as well as the first in this month’s Ten Songs series. However, when this came through my e-mail I couldn’t help but take a break and write a little something.

Father John Misty has grown on me over the years. When I first heard him upon release of 2012’s Fear Fun I was neither a fan of Fleet Foxes (I’m still not) or really into his sound. It’s disarmingly straight forward upon first listen. It’s easy to miss the tongue-in-cheek snark he projects or the beauty in the layouts of his songs. Earlier this year I revisited the album and fell and love. I’ve been working my way through his solo back catalog as J. Tillman and finding a lot of magic there.

The single we got earlier this month from the forthcoming I Love You, Honeybear (“Bored In The USA“) I was a little take aback. Matt turned me onto his KEXP session in July and I’d been listening to it fairly regularly ever since, so to hear him in such a stripped down setting was jarring to say the least. It grew on me, but I’m happy to hear at least one other song will be showcasing the full sound I’ve come to love from Misty. I won’t comment too much on the video here, but on first watch it’s an interesting, dizzy look through the past. Watch it for yourself below.