Inventions Working On New Album + Hear "Springworlds"

Inventions Working On New Album + Hear “Springworlds”

Inventions is one half-Eluvium, one half-guitarist for Explosions in the Sky. Their debut album made our year end list and I’m excited to hear they have another album in the works. This is the first single. It’s also the first time I’ve heard vocals so prominently in one of their songs. That’s not to say there’s much apparently being said here; the vocals are more of an instrument than anything, but they work well. The band is still working on this forthcoming album, titled Maze of Woods, so no release date yet, although there IS a tracklist which I find a bit strange. Perhaps these songs are rough sketches and they’re taking this year to perfect them. In any case, I’m thrilled to hear what’s coming next from these guys. Check out “Springworlds” and the tracklist for Maze of Woods below.

01. Escapers
02. Springworlds
03. Peregrine
04. Slow Breathing Circuit
05. A Wind From All Directions
06. Wolfkids
07. Moanmusic
08. Feeling the Sun Thru the Earth at Night