TRACK: Sam Prekop Announces The Republic + Share "Weather Vane"

TRACK: Sam Prekop Announces The Republic + Share “Weather Vane”

Sam Prekop, perhaps better known as the guitarist and vocalist for The Sea and Cake, has announced his first album in nearly 5 years (unless you count the soundtrack he did for 2013’s Pavilion). It’s called The Republic and will be largely electronic based. Our first listen to this new direction is “Weather Vane” which showcases the work he put into mastering the synthesizer. It’s upbeat and has that Prekop sound I (and many others) have come to love. The track is reminiscent of that early-2000s indie electronic sound perfected by the likes of Lali Puna and Dntel. He’s not just copying the synth masters of yore though; there’s a uniqueness that’s all Sam’s own here.

The Republic is out February 24th via Thrill Jockey.