TRACK: Grouper - "Holding"

TRACK: Grouper – “Holding”

“Holding” is one of my favorite tracks from last year’s Ruins which made our year end list. The whole album is sparse, haunting and beautiful. This is the second to last track and although it’s not actually the ending to Ruins, it feels like it. The finale is the 11+ minute “Made of Air,” like the opener “Made of Metal” and “Holifernes,” is completely devoid of vocals (at least audible, comprehensible ones) and I feel is akin to the record reaching it’s end and going to a quiet hiss. That track has it merits, but it’s really “Holding” that feels like goodbye to me. I’ve ended up talking about half of the album in trying to describe “Holding,” so I’m also linking the entirety of Ruins here as well. It’s worth your time.