VIDEO: Glen Hansard - "Being In Love" (Jason Molina cover, Live on Letterman)

VIDEO: Glen Hansard – “Being In Love” (Jason Molina cover, Live on Letterman)

I don’t post a lot of live videos here, but every now and then I see one that deserves mention. This performance from Glen Hansard and band covering the late Jason Molina’s “Being In Love” falls into that category. It’s nowhere near as good as the original, which for many artists would mean it’s a bad cover, but that’s not the case here. Rather, the original version, taken from 2000’s The Lioness, is incredible and it’d take an absolute genius to even approach it. Maybe I’m putting his music on a pedestal, but it’s hard to help. Molina’s music speaks to me in a certain way that not many artists can pull off. Anyhow, here’s Hansard and members of the now defunct Songs: Ohia doing a damn fine cover of “Being In Love” on Late Night With David Letterman.