Static Synopsis: 3/15/15 – 3/19/15

Static Synopsis: 3/15/15 – 3/19/15

Hey buds, it’s that time of the week again. Myself, Brian or some combination of the two grab a bunch of new music from the week and post it here. We dropped the pretense of this being any sort of review based post, but felt it was a good idea to somehow keep up on the wealth of new music coming out every week. Also, if you haven’t heard (I only mention it 3 or 4 times a week), I’m doing a radio show at KPSU. You can tune in at The show time will be shifting in a couple weeks here and the site’s down so I can’t point you to any new episodes, but check back for the new show time (and KPSU’s rad new site) next week! If you want a sample in the meantime, you can hear last week’s podcast HERE. Now onto the music. There are some great tracks collected here this week. I’m really digging Wax Stag and the new Squarepusher track is one of the better things I’ve heard from him in recent years. Also, that video I wrapped things up with is proof that ASL is no joke.

Wax Stag – “Night Trek”

Lower Dens – “Ondine”

Squarepusher – “Stor Eiglass”

Moon Diagrams – “Scratch The Snow”

Björk – “Family”

White Hills – “No Will”

Girlpool – “Ideal World”

Meredith – “All Things Well Considered”

Earl Sweatshirt – “Grief”

Leonard Cohen – “Never Gave Nobody Trouble”

Pictureplane – “Hyper Real”

Belle and Sebastian – “The Party Line” (Tomas Barfod remix)

Death Grips – “On GP”

S W O O N – “You Say” (Live at JJ’s Bohemia, 3/17/2015)

Alabama Shakes – “Future People”

And to wind up the synopsis, here’s a video of a sign language interpreter at a Wu-Tang Clan performance…