TRACK: Bill Callahan - "Let Me See The Colts"

TRACK: Bill Callahan – “Let Me See The Colts”

With a slew of shows from singer-songwriter types coming up that promise to top old favorites (in the next 30 or so days alone: Sufjan Stevens, Father John Misty, Stephen Merritt), I’ve been thinking about past shows that moved me. Not shows that simply featured an entertaining performance, but ones that truly affected me. The Mountain Goats jump to mind first. All three performances I’ve seen have blown me away. Another is Bill Callahan. The former frontman of Smog played Trinosophes in Detroit about a year and a half ago and I was so taken aback by his self-possessed, yet moving presence that I still hear some songs from that set and am reminded of his renditions that night. The track below (originally a Smog number), taken from Callahan’s 2007 live album Rough Travel For A Rare Thing, wasn’t played that cold, blustery night in Detroit, but it’s an excellent example of the power that the artist can carry behind his voice and guitar. The backing band certainly lend a hand, but it’s really Callahan that leads the charge. Listen below.