TRACK: The Analog Lights - "Be Safe"

TRACK: The Analog Lights – “Be Safe”

Greg Aubry has made a name for himself in the Detroit area music scene performing and releasing music in Five Years To Live, Superbomb, Dead Letters, under his own name and now as The Analog Lights. This project came about early this year after Superbomb called it quits and it’s quite a departure from the grungy rock and roll Aubry has been making over the past 10+ years. The singer/songwriter has showcased his prowess with the guitar and on vocal duties for over a decade now, but The Analog Lights shows he’s got a penchant for synthesizers too. “Be Safe,” the first single off the forthcoming, yet untitled EP, utilizes a number of tools including a Korg Volca Bass, MicroKorg, Alesis Micron & SR-16 to create the dark 80s post-apocalyptic vibe present throughout “Be Safe.” Aubry says the song was partially inspired by The Terminator, which is believable. It sounds like something straight out of a John Carpenter flick. Look for it on the soundtrack to 2018’s Terminator XI: Judgy-er Day. In the meantime you can listen to “Be Safe” below and keep up on that forthcoming EP (due tentatively in July) by following The Analog Lights on Facebook.