TRACK: Beirut - "No No No"

TRACK: Beirut – “No No No”

It’d be a lie if I said I didn’t go into this one with certain expectations. Beirut have crafted a certain sound that although unique has come to permeate most of their releases. “No No No” quickly defied those expectations. That’s not to say they’ve reinvented themselves, and why would they? They’ve crafted some beautiful songs, most recently on their 2011 album The Rip Tide. However, where as The Rip Tide (and their early work for that matter) had a very foreboding, dark feel to them, “No No No” has an almost party-esque sound to it. The album was recorded during a particularly brutal New York winter and so perhaps some of that feel of being holed up with friends is coming through on the track. It’s hard to say and I’d hesitate to say this is representative of the whole album or if I’m on some sort of end of semester high that has me hearing positivity in everything I listen too, but there’s something there. Maybe it’s in the pseudo-reggae horns driving the track along? Give it a listen below and judge for yourself.

No No No is out September 11th via 4AD.