TRACK: Anubis - "Ecology"

TRACK: Anubis – “Ecology”

I have Truth & Soul to thank for a good deal of the best soul and funk tracks I’ve “discovered” over the past year. Their compilations Loving On The Flip Side and Soul Cal (which includes this track) are crammed full of incredible tracks that may have been lost to time were it not for the label’s efforts. Anubis was originally the Bobby Hamilton Quintet Unlimited, but as their sound shifted they changed the name and approach to music. Anubis co-founder Bobby Hamilton gave this bit of information: “When we grew to seven pieces, we took on more R&B gigs, so we changed our name to that of the Egyptian god of the dead, Anubis. I wrote the two songs for our 45 to commemorate the change of style.” The track features guest vocals from an unnamed woman as well as five of the original members of the Bobby .

The band was short lived however. Aside from the 45 that “Ecology” is pulled from, the band never released anything else. Hamilton says “…we had different ambitions, so the single faded into the background as the band grew apart. We just outgrew each other and kept in touch throughout the years from afar.” Who knows what Anubis could have created had they stayed together. Fortunately, we still have “Ecology.”

NOTE: Most of this background comes from the book included with Truth & Soul’s incredible Soul Cal anthology.