Static Synopsis: 6/5/2015 - 6/11/2015

Static Synopsis: 6/5/2015 – 6/11/2015

Summer is officially here. For me, anyhow, I couldn’t tell you when it technically starts/started, but I’m out of classes for the next few months and plan to dedicate a good chunk of that time to revitalizing the site. So, what’s new in music this week? Well, I don’t think my love for Craft Spells is any mystery. The video here is new, but the track is from last year’s Nauseau (which is fantastic if you haven’t given it a listen). Lee Fields, one of the best in the modern soul scene, has a fantastic track called “Standing By Your Side.” Dam-Funk’s slow funk burner (that’s a tongue twister), “Free,” is in the same vein and well worth a listen. Lastly, Colleen (who is playing a string of shows at Portland’s Beacon Sound next week) premiered the video for “I’m Kin” off her mesmerizing new album Captain Of None. Give them all a shot below.

Dam-Funk – “Free”

Colleen – “I’m Kin”

Lee Fields & The Expressions – “Standing By Your Side”

Lower Dens – “Maneater” (Hall & Oates cover)

Joan Shelley – “Stay On My Shore”

Craft Spells – “Twirl”

HEALTH – “Stonefist”

Gardens & Villa – “Fixations”

Day Wave – “We Try But We Don’t Fit In”

HeCTA – “Till Someone Gets Hurt”

D∆WN (Dawn Richard) – “Running From Sane”

Neil Young + Promise Of The Real – “Wolf Moon”

TV Girl – “Natalie Wood”

Kim Gordon & J Mascis – “Slow Boy”

For the weekly “hey, that’s not new music!” selection, perhaps one of the best comedy sketches ever conceived… “Who Greenlighted Coupon: The Movie?”