Appleseed Cast Set To Reissue 'Mare Vitalis'

Appleseed Cast Set To Reissue ‘Mare Vitalis’

If you were into indie rock in the early to mid-90s, then odds are you know of The Appleseed Cast. The band has been releasing music for nearly 2 decades now (with the incredible Illumination Ritual being their most recent release). Now, Graveface Records is set to reissue their second LP, Mare Vitalis, which is something like a remaster (although it’s not being billed as such). There’s new artwork and as is usually the case with Graveface, some neat colors available for the vinyl version. The band is also touring in support of the re-release. Dates and preorder information are below.

“Fishing The Sky”


The Mare Vitalis 15th anniversary reissue is out June 30th via Graveface Records.