Static Synopsis: 6/19/2015 – 6/25/2015

Static Synopsis: 6/19/2015 – 6/25/2015

I’ve made an executive decision (primarily after realizing how effortless last week’s synopsis was) and I’m going to keep only sharing my 5 favorite tracks of the week as opposed to compiling a huge list of everything new. If you’re looking for a ton of new jams, then check out r/IndieHeads or sign up for a ridiculous amount of label mailing lists like I do. If you want 5 great songs, then look no further. By far my favorite track this week comes from Swede psych rockers, Dungen. You can thank DJ Byrdwell (who also co-hosted this week’s episode of Static + Distance on KPSU) for that one. The rest stack up pretty well. There’s also a great video/interview with Joni Mitchell on illusions at the end.

Dungen – “Åkt Dit”

Heathered Pearls – “Interior Architecture Software”

The Good Life – “The Troubadour’s Green Room”

Dam-Funk – “We Continue”

The Amazing – “Safe Island”

And for the weekly non-music video: Joni Mitchell on Illusions