Ten Songs: Summer (Surf Stoned and the Sun Drunks)

Ten Songs: Summer (Surf Stoned and the Sun Drunks)

If you haven’t heard Surf Stoned and the Sun Drunks, then do yourself a favor and blast their demo on the next hot, sunny day. Better yet, catch the band around town for the full experience (you can follow them on Facebook for dates). They bring the jams, palm trees and leis. Enough introduction, here’s Dillon and Phil…

Summer is thee best season, there’s no arguing that point, and it’s especially radical in Portland. Everyone comes out of the wood work from hibernating all winter, babes throw on their summer dresses, river trips every weekend, and awesome shows to keep the party going after getting sun drunk all day. The city really comes to life as the temperature rises. These are some of the jams we will be blaring in the car on our way out to sauvies island and other rad spots this summer. See ya at duh nude beach!

“Deadbeat Summer” by Neon Indian
Phil: This song makes me feel like I sat at the river all morning drinking beer only to afterwards take a slow walk to get a lunch of soul food (with puff or two on the way).

“Everybody Loves the Sunshine” by Roy Ayers
Phil: This song makes me want chill in the park and do nothing but look at bees and things and flowers .

“Vacationation” by Hooded Fang
Phil: These guys rule! Super cool band from Ontario Canada .

“I Don’t Know” by the Beastie Boys
Phil: Always loved this song. It reminds me of being at a classy wedding outside while drinking champagne lookin’ at booty.

“Sunny Side of the Street” by Louis Armstrong
Phil: Good old time tune, makes me smile.

“Red Tide” by the Growlers
Dillon: Perfect song for blazin’ on the beach and watching the sun fall into the ocean.

“If You Were a Beer” by Blank 77
Dillon: Because there’s nothing better than a case, a bunch of friends, and your feet in a river.

“Summertime” by together PANGEA
Dillon: How could this not be your anthem for summer!

“Whoa Babes!” By Guantanamo Baywatch
Dillon: Awesome surf jam about scoping hotties. One of my favorite past times.

“Sunshine Superman” by Donovan
Dillon: This is my jam when cruising around town on my bike in the summer heat trying to find a nice patch of grass and some shade to chill out under.