Static Synopsis: 7/3/2015 - 7/9/2015

Static Synopsis: 7/3/2015 – 7/9/2015

All of the tracks featured this week are great, but I’m particularly fond of the first release from La Nuit. It’s a collaboration between Felicia Atkinson and Peter Broderick and will be released by Beacon Sound (one of the finest record stores in the country). This new Destroyer track is radically different from “Dream Lover” (the first single from the forthcoming Poison Season), but I think I’m okay with that. So, here are the 5 best songs of the week. According to me. Obviously.

La Nuit – “Road Snakes”

King Friday – “He’s Everything I’m Not”

Creepoid – “Dried Out”

Des Ark – “Ties”

Destroyer – “Girl In A Sling”

And this week’s longer video is the absolutely bizarre Harry Nilsson film (which has an incredible soundtrack, naturally): The Point!