TRACK: Helen - "Motorcycle"

TRACK: Helen – “Motorcycle”

While technically a new group, Helen is made up of seasoned veterans. Liz Harris (aka Grouper), Jed Bindeman (from Eternal Tapestry) and Scott Simons (aka— er, just Scott Simons). I’m incredibly fond of Grouper. 2014’s Ruins was one of the year’s best, so needless to say when I heard word of a new project I was already on board. The first 15 seconds or so could easily be mistaken for a Grouper track. Harris’ whispered vocals and a gently plucked guitar (trademarks of her work as Grouper) are all that’s present, but once the drums kick in we’re taken into solid dream pop territory. This one has me pretty excited for their debut LP, The Original Faces which comes out in September. You can hear the far too brief “Motorcycle” below.

The Original Faces is out September 4th via Kranky.