Static Synopsis: 7/17/2015 – 7/23/2015

Static Synopsis: 7/17/2015 – 7/23/2015

Hola, señors y señoritas. In lieu of Josh, I, Brian, will be posting a few tracks for the synopsis this week. I have been absent from posting for a while, so excuse the rough edges and crude mannerisms while I relearn how to crawl.

Tame Impala – “The Less I Know The Better”
Like many fish out in the sea, I’ve been hooked by the five-or-so month buildup toward the release of Tame Impala’s Currents, and there’s so many reviews and Kevin Parker interviews proclaiming his genius. This upbeat track, galloping along a funky bass line, is now my summer anthem, but trust that every track on this disc is phenomenal.

JR JR – “Gone”
Dropping the prefix Dale Earnhardt, Detroit’s JR JR hasn’t changed anything else about their dreamy electro indie pop formula and they certainly didn’t need to. “Gone” shows them tighter and brighter than they’ve ever been before.

The Domestics – “It Came To Me”
Really digging this track right now, and I know Joshua has already reviewed this record, but I’m not Joshua and he’s not here to stop me. The engineering influences are transparent, as Michael Finn, half of The Domestics, was once a studio assistant for the likes of Modest Mouse, Surfjan Stevens and countless other indie/pop acts. Simplicity is the imperative key to the breezy tune here.

Wire – “High”
I’m always impressed by the longevity of bands that didn’t seem to make an impactful dent over an expansive career. Wire formed almost 40 years ago and still evolve their sound, “High” being another track to a vast pool of deep cuts.

Publicist UK – “Levitate the Pentagon”
I’m glad I gave Publicist UK a swinging chance: compromised of four musicians in a variety of known metal projects, their combined effort creates swirls of heavy post-punk with enough melody to reel in the ‘gaze kids and enough crunching guitars to keep the headbangers beating.

Caustic Casanova – “Show Some Shame”
Frenetic energy, demanding vocals, on the edge of collapsing at any moment. This gets me amped up to hear what they’ll tack on to their catalog with their third album this September.