Static Synopsis: 7/24/2015 – 7/30/2015

Static Synopsis: 7/24/2015 – 7/30/2015

Hello little boys and girls; welcome to July’s synopsis wrap-up. Again, Brian thrown in here for the time being while Josh enjoys his escape from reality.

Strange Wilds – “Pronoia”
After hearing a few snippets of Strange Wilds’ Subjective Concepts, I was eagerly, patiently waiting for this album to drop, and it all kicks off with this gritty ruckus here.

Foals – “Mountain At My Gates”
Foals keeps getting better with each release, and “Mountain At My Gates” is a great show of their melodic guitar work, before muscling their frenetic edge into the ending.

Starlight Girls – “Intrigue”
Loving this track. Potentially in the realm of synth-pop, except the synth’s aren’t overbearing and suffocating, and there’s enough dark cloud of mystery to shroud out the pop shine.

Gold Class – “Life As A Gun”

Undesirable People – “All We Want Is A Proper Burial”
I mean, if that title doesn’t pique your interest, I’m not sure anything I say will, either and you’ve, you’ve got some problems.