Static Synopsis: 7/31/2015 - 8/6/2015

Static Synopsis: 7/31/2015 – 8/6/2015

One last Synopsis. That has a nice ring to it. I’m not calling it quits on S+D, but other projects and life distractions have left me with less time for the site. A weekly commitment is just far too much. That said, you’ll probably still see updates from me on a fairly regular basis, but I can’t handle the tiring demands of the Synopsis. I may bring it back one day, but for now, I’m putting it to rest. With that ominous message out and about (isn’t this how all fade aways into obscurity begin?), I’ve decided to do something differently with this last one. Rather than my 5 favorite tracks to come out this week I’m going to showcase my 5 favorite tracks right now, period. It’s a tough list to muster, but I’ve tried not to think about it too much.

Chuck Johnson – “Medicine Map”
It sounds like the soundtrack to a really violent and depressing western (ala The Proposition), but it, and the rest of Blood Moon Boulder, ended up being the soundtrack to my road trip across the American northwest.

Valet – “Lion”
I’m still really digging Nature from Portland’s Valet and “Lion” is still a great song. Honey Owens is making some of the most interesting music around right now and this track is no exception.

Orchestra Baobab – “Utrus Horas”
I wrote about the album this track comes from yesterday, so my apologies if you feel cheated. It’s a great representation of the album as a whole and good god, those guitars are fantastic.

Nick Drake – “Cello Song”
I’m very late to the Nick Drake party. I only first gave Pink Moon a fair shake last year and it wasn’t until a couple week’s back that I checked out Five Leaves Left. They’re both phenomenal albums (which you probably already know) and “Cello Song” is one of the best tracks from the bunch.

The Domestics – The Domestics
If you’ve been on the site this past month, then you probably expected these guys would be on here. It wasn’t enough for me to include them in a Synopsis or Brian to do the same or for me to pen a review of their gorgeous debut album or to have the band on Static + Distance. I also had to include the entire album in this list. You’d think they were paying me or something.