TRACK: Chris Darrow - "Wherever You Are"

TRACK: Chris Darrow – “Wherever You Are”

Chris Darrow came to me by way of Aquarium Drunkard. I can confidently say their mixes over the past couple of years have undoubtedly shaped my musical tastes. Darrow is one of those dudes who has played across a slew of popular albums, but somehow never received much recognition in his solo endeavors. His album Under My Own Disguise is a lost classic and “Wherever You Are” is the highlight for me. The rough and tumble folk that peppers the album breaks into a strange synth jam about halfway through and carries through the rest of the track reaching a crescendo by the end. Darrow has a way with words too. The title is repeated throughout, slowly shifting meaning as the track carries on and almost taking on a menacing tone. I think it’s best if you gave the track a listen below.