Static + Distance on KPSU Misses It's Birthday

Static + Distance on KPSU Misses It’s Birthday

Well, apparently February 5th was the one year anniversary of Static + Distance on KPSU. Here’s the very first episode I did along with a tracklisting. It’s a bit rough, obviously, but a solid mix of songs. All about cars. Back when I used to stick to a theme. Listen here.

1. Al Green – Driving Wheel
2. Eidolons – Twin Falls
3. The Modern Lovers – Roadrunner
4. Bruce Springsteen – Working On The Highway
5. Broken Social Scene – Chase Scene
6. Neil Young – Sedan Delivery
7. J Dilla – Workinonit
8. The Magnetic Fields – In My car
9. Paul & Linda McCartney – Back Seat Of My Car
10. Pavement – Secret Knowledge of Backroads
11. The Fiery Furnaces – Drive To Dallas
12. The Promise Ring – Make Me A Chevy
13. The Rock*A*Teens – Car and Driver (outro)