The Lost Spaces Of Portland

The Lost Spaces Of Portland

This piece is a collection of stories about a select few DIY spaces in Portland from 1990 to 2016. I’m using the term DIY very loosely, but what I mean is: places, whether they be houses, bars, or bookstores, that put on music for the love of it rather than the profit. You’ll also hear about the research done by Portland Based Geographer, Cartographer, and GIS Analyst, Sachi Arakawa, tracing the loss of Portland’s punk houses over that same period. I spent two years collecting these interviews, devoting months at a time deciding where to go next with the story; ultimately, I edited for a good deal of the time, pausing to work on other projects and then returning to edit some more.

The ramshackle approach reflects both the changing nature of the project (this originally began as the first in a planned series of episodes) and the changing idea of how I wanted to present this story. However, I’m happy with the final result. I feel fortunate to have heard these stories that come from a place of love for music, the spaces they create, and most importantly the way they affect people. Thank you to everyone who lent their time, energy, and hearts to this project, not to mention their artwork, music, and writing.

With gratitude,

SACHI ARAKAWA’s The Kids Are Alright: All Ages Music in Portland, 1990-2016

RYAN WISNOR: for editing assistance, writing/research/equipment, lengthy meetings, and endless support.

STREAM PDX: for use of their studio for interview with Jess Hart.

BETH KERSCHEN: for the photo of the Know

VOICES (based on order of appearance)
Jessica Hart, Matty of Wild Mohicans, Chris Agenda, Jeremy Hernandez, Sachi Arakawa, Toby Wickwire, Nate Backous, Mo Daviau and Antonio The Kid. Special thanks to Natalie Arlow, Grant Miller, Claire Harrison for their undercover voice work.

MUSIC (Based on order of appearance)
Please Step Out Of The Vehicle – “Leash The Rabid Dog”
Travis D. Wiggins / Dream Dragons – “K”
dolphin midwives – “moon quanta”
Out Of Sight – “Streets of Rage”
Animal Eyes – “Intro”
Chris Wills – “Blue Collar Up”
Burke Wiggins Group – “Despojos Mortales”
Wild Mohicans – unidentified live song in background
EX-DEBS – “Intermezzo” / “Lombard 4:00 AM Dub”
dolphin midwives – “(((HOLYHANDS)))”
PMS 84 – unidentified live song in background
humanoide9000 – “glacier break”